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Crime fiction writer and children's book author

A native Tar Heel, E. Vernon F. Glenn was educated not only at Choate, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University School of Law, but also by digging deep ditches, running a jackhammer, and hauling block and bricks every summer to the tune of starting at 60 cents an hour. Glenn has been a practicing litigator for more than 40 years and adores the courtroom, as well as Southern people. He does not like fakes, frauds, pedants, poseurs, and better-thans. Comfortable in the cocoons of luxury and in the back alleys of slums, he has never started a fight, but has finished plenty. Glenn has scouted and handicapped football and basketball games, has testified before Congress, and has traveled all about. This story has been flailing about in his mind for years, so one day about a year ago, he sat down and began to write it. Like becoming a trial lawyer, it just spontaneously poured out. He thinks there is much more to say. Glenn now lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and too has a perch in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the beautiful old R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Headquarters Building. Also, it would be fair to say that he finds his way back to Chapel Hill on a happy and regular basis. He stays busy.


On one Indian summer Friday night, things happen that change the course of hundreds of lives.

In Winston-Salem, a tobacco and mill town in central North Carolina, people like to relax as the weekend comes nigh, and depending on whether they sit above or below the salt, they’ll do so in different ways.

Both the well-to-do and the less-thans are wizened practitioners of the art of steam blowing, all in the name of fun and respite. And in doing so, violence and deceit and sadness mingle with money and alcohol to create a dangerous, crackling third rail of despair. And the story is never exactly as it seems to be.

This is a work of fiction built upon two true events that happened within hours of each other. All the players are entwined, a basket of snakes and innocents that are penned into embracing one another. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

"Glenn has a flair for writing, telling a good tale with well-chosen details that bring the story to life." - Linda Brinson, The Greensboro News & Record 

“It’s Friday night in Winston Salem: Vernon Glenn tells it like it is about the city’s wealthy establishment and its invisible underbelly. In this tongue-in-cheek morality tale, the wages of sin are lightened by Edward F. V. Tyrell, Esq., who slyly maneuvers between both worlds. Glenn’s vividly painted characters reflect James Lee Burke’s murky demimonde, Walker Percy’s detached Southern aristocracy, and Michael Malone’s wry humor.” - Moreton Neal, Writer for Chapel Hill Magazine

"Glenn’s prose is full of color and motion." -- Kirkus Reviews


A children's book from E. Vernon F. Glenn and illustrator, Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

Eddie Terrell is a lonely lawyer who has made a lot of mistakes in his life. When he meets Harry, a young boy in need of a friend, they form an unbreakable bond. Through his friendship with Harry, Eddie learns that there are still many wonderful people in this world that will encourage you to be the best that you can be.   Based on a real relationship that author E. Vernon F. Glenn formed with a special friend, You Never Know Who Your Angels are tells a heartwarming story about how it's important to press forward even when you're feeling down. You never know who will walk into your life and change everything.




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